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Updating World of Warcraft through peer to peer activities.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Reforming World of Warcraft through peer to peer activities.

World of Warcraft once boasted eleven million players. The game was hailed as a universal success, an example of good game play design and story line development. Throughout the years however, this success did not persist. A series of expansions generated continued interest for the game. However this interest was not to last, and the game now could only boast one tenth of its peak audience in 2011.

It is undeniable that Chris Metzen has played a major role in the game's decline. As the president for development, Chris had major say in management of the game's future. Between 2011 and 2019, the game continued a business as usual approach to game play. Questing, Raiding and Pvp would continue to be the bread and butter of game play.

Although it would have made sense to continue a previously successful model of game play, these activities had became repetitive, and tedious. Each expansion brought in minor adjustment to game play mechanics, adjustments that does not re brand, or overhaul significant aspects of the game. Besides game play, the franchise's story lines were broken, silly and pointless.

What World of Warcraft needs is a reform of ideas and game play mechanics. When I logged into WoW successively throughout the years , I was shocked at how little content has changed. Stormwind had the same features it had ten years ago. With no change there was few incentive to visit the old cities. New content was boring and a repeat of past mechanics.

World of Warcraft needs a new creative team to lift the game from it's current predicaments. The game needs to offer new content to players. The game needs to make players feel like the game is a social hub of various players from around the world. Raiding and questing need to be overhauled completely. Players who reject reform need to be thrown under the bus.

To reform the game, I believe there should be a five point plan. The five points are economic, environment, user interface, social activity and game play. Economic reform is required to overhaul the economy of the game, so that it is more vibrant. More economic activities should be included, allowing players autonomy to choose their differential skills.

Instead of mining, tailoring, and selling items, the economy should focus on providing services. Services include a subjective notion of output, rather then the identical output of the current economy. These include providing artistic services such as designing armor patterns, providing banking and investment management, creating in game special events.

The economy should focus on a notion of a realistic, custom peer to peer economy, rather then grinding. In terms of user interface, the game should add multiple user interfaces to provide this economy with different game play options. The current user interface in the economy now is old, based on the same model dating back the the vanilla game.

Social activity should be expanded to provide as a basis of game play. Not only can players join guilds and talk to one another, but also participate in social events similar to Moon Guard's Goldshire inn. Although you may think this is silly, social activities were the basis of the game Runescape. Runescape by all accounts is a peer to peer driven game, and is largely successful in doing so.

The environment should undergo drastic changes to bring the active player base in Azeroth closer to mutual peer to peer activities. In perspective, the main economic and environmental activities should be overhauled. Regions on the original continents, should be made into peer to peer areas for these activities. There should be no more mobs or irrelevant quests, but environments which matter.

The game's environment should also be enriched. Cities should be hubs of activities, and not decade old relics. Not only should cities increase in physical size but also its consequential utility in the game. Cities should act as political, economic and social centers for peer to peer activities. An example of peer to peer activities already implemented, is the Dark Moon fair.

Lastly, game play must be reformed. The leveling system should be adjusted to allow peer to peer differentiation, and not just capped level. Questing should be reformed as consequential activities, not based on grinding but on peer to peer collaboration and interesting activities. Peer to peer activities should also become more consequential.

To not implement drastic changes to the game now, would lead to it finally reach a level of unpopularity that would end the games future.


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